Testimonials - Mentors



"I’m passionate about taking Australian medtech inventions to a global market in a way that retains more of the benefit for Australians, which is why the establishment of FLEDGE innovation Labs is so exciting."

Steven DAVEY

"Fledge Innovation Labs is an exciting venture that aims to bridge critical gaps in the medical device industry as well as provide a wealth of experience and knowledge to startup founders and others intent on bringing their research and ideas to market."


"Fledge Innovation Labs provide a conduit for start-up companies to develop their innovations in an environment that facilitates collaboration between engineering and clinical disciplines, with the appropriate laboratory support, and a network of medical device executives with commercialisation experience to guide the innovators along the path of Product development, Quality Systems Management implementation, Regulatory submissions and Market Entry."


"There is a strong need for a dedicated Medtech incubator in Sydney. The path to commercialisation for medtech involves very different timescales, risks, hurdles, and market behaviours when compared to other industries. Fund-raising is a universal need, so a well-mentored medtech incubator is needed to build a strong specialist medtech financing network in Australia and overseas.

To date, the Fledge mentor network has grown to be extensive, with a full range of the necessary experience, expertise and resources that medtech companies require. The facilities that Fledge has now established onsite, and its partnership with CSIRO and NMI, is a major asset."


"The establishment of Fledge is an important contributory step towards creating the requisite critical mass of medical technology start-ups in Sydney and Australia."


"Fledge Innovation Labs has demonstrated both passion and experience when mentoring innovative start-up businesses, particularly in the Medical Devices sector."


"I believe Fledge will play a pivotal role in providing shared facilities, commercial guidance and industry connections for early stage MedTech companies that would otherwise struggle to chart their path to market."


"Start-ups are generally time and resource poor especially in the early stages of proceeding through the various stages of commercialisation. By having access to experienced mentors, manufacturing facilities, working with like minded companies and access to seed funding will remove much of the worry in the early stages of survival and ensure individuals in the start-up phase are concentrating on the critical factors rather than being tied up with the commercial issues."