Testimonials - Members


OncoSil Medical Ltd

"OncoSil Medical Limited (ASX:OSL) (OncoSil) is commercialising a first-in-class medical device for the treatment of advanced pancreatic cancer.

OSL has been a member of Fledge since April 2017. In that time we have formed an important partnership of mutual benefit. Like most, if not all, medical device start-up companies, OSL is a small operation that does not always have access to the equipment or resources it requires to progress commercialisation in a cost-effective framework, particularly as it relates to international markets.

Fledge provides a collaborative environment that allows companies like OSL to focus on the development and commercialisation of their product, including access to scientific and technical resources, assistance with regulatory matters, access to expensive Software Platforms, an efficient business model that facilitates easier access to CSIRO facilities; guidance from senior Fledge people, access to other resources such as advisors on industrial design, intellectual property and grants, and access to the Fledge Mentoring Program, which provides valuable guidance and connections wthin the medical devices community.

In summary, Fledge is an excellent idea I model that brings together valuable resources to meet the needs of emerging Australian businesses, and I recommend them to any start-up developing products in the medical devices sector."


"Given our needs to better understand and navigate the medical technology industry while developing advanced electro-mechanical hardware, we could not have found a better incubator to be based at than FLEDGE. The incubator has been greatly supportive and flexible with us. The advice and support of the mentors has been critically important for us as we refine and strengthen our business plan and learn about how to run a startup.

In addition, we have been enjoying access to collaborative working space, office resources, a Maker Space, and the benefits of access to industry sector advice and experts on topics such as IP, design and taxation.

We wholeheartedly recommend Fledge to any early tech startup working to make the world a better place."


"This is our first experience in establishing a startup company and in the first 7 months we had achieved very little. We were working on our business in our spare time and were a bit lost trying to navigate the startup landscape. It was difficult to identify eligible grants, find lab space and lab equipment, set up an office space, all the while trying to develop our product. Everything was moving slowly.

After we first met with Fledge Innovation Labs, we joined up almost immediately. The three months since have been remarkably productive. We are now focused full time on building up Medulla with office space and access to a fully equipped lab. We are awaiting the outcome of our first grant application and are already bringing in a modest revenue through our consulting service.

Fledge has been the essential catalyst to our business. I’m amazed at how our company is developing and I attribute this to the guidance provided by the Fledge mentors and industry advisors. Their advice has prevented us from going down many dead-end paths which would have been costly in both time and capital.

We have been introduced to experts in IP, state and federal grants, R&D tax, and venture capital.

Joining Fledge has had considerable financial advantages. Access to the equipment in the Lindfield Maker Space would have been outside our means had we gone out alone. The Fledge fund is providing us assistance with our rent and will also help subsidise a student intern when we are ready to take one on board. I’d advise any MedTech startup to set up a meeting with FLEDGE."