Testimonials - Partners


Macquarie University

"I think this new partnership is a great move forward for all of us."



"We agree that the establishment of such a facility is consistent with the direction in which the Australian MedTech industry is evolving – there is increasing recognition that collaboration between different groups is necessary to drive growth and innovation at a national level, and that improved access to specialised equipment and support services will contribute to stronger growth in this sector.

The MedTech industry has been identified by the Australian Government as an Industry Growth Centre, and we fully support your initiative when it comes to such key issues as the development of broader R&D skills, the provision of access to high-technology manufacturing equipment and services, stronger collaboration between industry, academia and students, the development of stronger commercial skills and market awareness, the mentorship of MedTech start-ups by experienced industry professionals, and the support of young scientists and innovators in universities and schools."

Romar Engineering

"Romar Engineering is very supportive of the aims and ambitions of Fledge. The type of incubator you have established within the confines of the CSIRO allows for a very collaborative environment in which to develop products and processes."

Genesys Electronics Design

"We are a Fledge Foundation Supporter, are active participants in Fledge's Resident Expert program.

Genesys sees great potential benefit in partnering with Fledge to form a medical device development and manufacturing ecosystem. In particular, this will assist startups to navigate the daunting medical regulatory compliance landscape."

Franke Hyland

"Medical devices is a real area of comparative strength for NSW and Australia. While many issues are common to all early stage companies, there are a host of issues specific to medical devices and technologies, such as regulatory approval, the need for clinical trials, and reimbursement, here and internationally, and the structure of health-related markets in Australia and internationally.

Fledge provides a mentor network with experience across a variety of sectors and insider knowledge. The strong group of mentors at Fledge, have the capacity to provide early intervention as well as on-going support to early stage companies in this sector.

Fledge is strategically located within the CSIRO facility in Lindfield, and dedicated facilities have been developed for sophisticated prototyping and product development on site."

Mint Health

"We applaud Fledge’s efforts to identify and fill the gap in the marketplace to help local early stage MedTech companies develop and commercialise new products. I have experienced first hand the value and benefit of working in collaboration with other start-ups and the benefit of access to a strong mentor network.

The facilities at CSIRO at Lindfield offer an unparalleled opportunity for start ups to access world-class scientific and technical resources and a strong mentor network in a environment that’s tailored to the work and collaboration needs of early stage MedTech businesses."