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FLEDGE welcomes student interns from Macquarie University, UTS and the University of Newcastle.

FLEDGE begins operations at FLEDGE @ MQ.

FLEDGE signs agreement with Macquarie University to establish FLEDGE @ MQ.

FLEDGE hosts another 'Busload of Students' tour to Resmed and Circuitwise,
12 from the University of Sydney, 8 from theUniversity of Newcastle, and 3 from Macquarie University.

FLEDGE welcomes 11 students for internship via Macquarie University PACE programme.
43rd student intern inducted.

FLEDGE welcomes 10 students for internship via Macquarie University PACE programme.
32nd student intern inducted.


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15th student intern inducted.

FLEDGE mentioned in the Medical Technology Industry Development Strategy by the NSW Dept of Industry

9th Intern submits their final report as part of PhD programme (VR4CP project)

Launched ISO-13485-compliant Quality Management System to support FLEDGE Medical Device projects

8th intern submits final report as part of their undergraduate programme (VR4CP project)

50th Member joins FLEDGE, 22nd Company joins FLEDGE

Matt KEAN (NSW Minister for Innovation), NSW Minister for Innovation, visits FLEDGE

FLEDGE proceeds to Stage 2 of Telstra Business Awards

9th Intern joins FLEDGE

45th Member joins FLEDGE

19th Company joins FLEDGE

Meeting with Matt KEAN (NSW Minister for Innovation) at NSW Parliament House

8th intern joins FLEDGE

FLEDGE announces partnership with SOMI (Society of Medical Innovation) @ UNSW

FLEDGE Nominated for Telstra Business Award

AusBioTech Networking Event, hosted by FLEDGE with support from CSIRO - approximately 300 attendees

2nd Visit by Paul Fletcher MP, Federal Member for Bradfield and Minister for Urban Infrastructure & Cities


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Incubator Support Grant announced by Craig Laundy (Assistant Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science)

4th intern joins FLEDGE

15th company joins FLEDGE

10th company joins FLEDGE

High-speed optical fibre internet activated

1st intern joins FLEDGE

1st spinoff company formed - Intersect Pty Ltd

David THODEY on Startups @ JobsForNSW

Chris ROBERTS on the future of MedTech @ JobsForNSW

FLEDGE mentioned on the Australian Stock Exchange

First FLEDGE Fund Investment

FLEDGE mentioned in Federal Parliament

Maker Space #2 launched

Visit by Paul Fletcher MP, Federal Member for Bradfield and Minister for Urban Infrastructure and Cities

AusBioTech 2017 Networking Event, co-hosted with CSIRO


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First startup joins FLEDGE

First Government grant - Jobs For NSW

Signed lease for premises at CSIRO, West Lindfield

FLEDGE Incorporated

Meeting with Jillian SKINNER (NSW Health Minister) to discuss support for FLEDGE

Collaboration agreement with CSIRO

Letter of Support from CSIRO

Launched online market survey

Commitment to do something