Fledge (v) : to care for and nurture (a young bird) until ready to fly.

FLEDGE Innovation Labs

FLEDGE Innovation Labs is an independent enterprise that provides low-cost access to collaborative working spaces, laboratory facilities, scientific equipment, and business support.

This is backed up by an extensive network of experienced advisors and mentors from some of Australia’s most respected research institutions, service providers and multinational healthcare companies.

FLEDGE Location

FLEDGE Innovation Labs is co-located with the Macquarie University School of Engineering, just 15km north of the Sydney CBD, and less than 3 minutes walk from the Macquarie Park Metro.

FLEDGE focusses on the development and commercialisation of medical devices and associated technologies, specifically in relation to the diagnosis and treatment of disease and injury, and the monitoring and management of health.

FLEDGE Resources

FLEDGE Innovation Labs provides state-of-the-art resources and facilities to help high-technology start-ups and SMEs develop into successful businesses.

Fledge provides :-

- a collaborative working environment

- well-equipped lab space

- access to scientific equipment

- on-site fabrication, scientific and metrology services

- access to hardware / software development experts

- experienced mentors and advisors

- experience with Medical Device standards :-

  • IEC-60601 Basic Safety & Essential Performance
  • IEC-62304 Software as a Medical Device
  • IEC-62366 Useability
  • IEC-10993 Biocompatibility
  • ISO-11073 Wearables
  • ISO-13485 Quality Management
  • ISO-14971 Risk Management
  • ISO-27000 Information Security

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FLEDGE Difference

1.   FLEDGE specialises in MedTech - our core competence.

2.   FLEDGE is Sydney's only incubator specialising in MedTech.

3.   FLEDGE operates as a profit-recycling social enterprise.

4.   FLEDGE does not take equity in its members.

5.   FLEDGE mentors are all experienced MedTech executives
      who have founded companies and launched products,
      including hardware, software, and Class III active

6.    FLEDGE has access to several Maker Spaces
       containing state-of-the-art equipment,
       including 3D printers and laser-cutters.

7.    FLEDGE has a close alliance with Macquarie University,
       as well as CSIRO and the National Measurement Institute,
       Australia's peak body for biological, chemical and
       physical measurement.

8.    FLEDGE provides an ISO-13485 Quality-Managed
       productdevelopment Environment. *

9.    FLEDGE provides Financial support via the Fledge Fund. #

10.  FLEDGE provides FREE space for interns. †

11.  FLEDGE is the only hardware incubator dedicated to
       Medical Devices on Sydney's North Shore.

* ISO13485 implementation under construction for completion in early 2020

# Subject to eligibility conditions

† Must be in relation to the student's academic requirements, and comply with the academic institution's terms of engagement, including OH&S and insurance cover.